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To provide quality and innovation in environmental services, construction, and agricultural development for communities and municipalities in order to adapt to and enhance the changing environment.


Cities across the United States have long sought solutions to managing waste material produced at wastewater treatment facilities. The volume of this material is staggering: seven million dry tons annually in the United States. Processing wastewater can generate two different byproducts: biosolids and methane gas. Historically, cities have disposed of these solids through methods of incineration, dumping into the ocean, or even burying it. These methods have proven to be not only harmful to the environment and any surrounding residential areas, but wasteful as well.



Our Beneficial Reuse program provides more environmentally sound solutions for managing these byproducts. By partnering with various municipalities, we are supplied with the materials needed to produce excellent quality biosolids and bioenergy from the capture of methane gas. In doing so, we assist in reducing the adverse effects that are produced through other means of disposal, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment.

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