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RENDA ENVIRONMENTAL, Inc. (REI) offers innovative and environmentally sound solutions to today's water and waste-management challenges.

Consulting Services
REI will evaluate each customer's needs and recommend a plan that will best satisfy those needs.

Biosolids Management
REI's management capabilities include:

Dewatering This is the process of pressing/squeezing moisture from the Biosolids. REI offers sludge dewatering services in varying degrees of scope and sophistication, from portable belt presses that can be brought on site for temporary projects to permanent dewatering facilities (designed, built, owned, and operated by our personnel), or anything in between.

Class A Biosolids REI has many years of experience processing "Class A" Biosolids (Class A Biosolids represents the highest level of treatment/quality recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency; the pathogen levels in Class-A Biosolids equals that of native soil). Our Class A Biosolids services include: lime stabilization, pasteurization, thermal drying, and composting.

Beneficial Reuse Beneficial Reuse includes detailed mapping and characterization, coordination of the timing and amount of Biosolids application, transportation, and record keeping/reporting required by federal and state regulations. Currently, we land-apply 100 dry tons per day across 10 counties in North Texas.

Bioenergy Systems
Our Bioenergy Systems division is a great service contingent to RENDA Environmental, Inc. It is a full-service division that specializes in the consultation, design, build, ownership, operation and maintenance of co-generation facilities, thermal energy systems and support equipment for municipal wastewater and large industrial markets. REI will evaluate each customer's needs and recommend a Bioenergy plan that will best satisfy those needs.

Other Services

Digester Cleaning
Lagoon Cleaning
Additional services available

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