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City of Ft. Worth
Cities across the United States have long sought solutions to managing waste material produced at waste water treatment facilities. The volume of this material is staggering; 7 million dry tons annually in the US. Processing wastewater can generate two different byproducts: biosolids and methane gas. Historically, cities have disposed of the solids residuals in various ways: dumping it into the ocean, incinerating it, or burying it. The methane gas was simply wasted by burning it. Each of these methods have the potential to adversely affect the environment and surrounding residential areas.

Our beneficial reuse program here at REI provides more environmentally sound solutions for managing these byproducts. We rely heavily on the contributions of our municipal partners. With their contracts, we are supplied with the materials we need to produce biosolids and bioenergy.

Our current partnership is with the City of Fort Worth. We treat the solid residuals to supply us with the needed components for our Class A biosolids and bioenergy program.

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