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City of Ft. Worth
City of Fort Worth
City of Fort Worth 
In 1991, the City of Ft. Worth became a pioneer in the effort to more effectively deal with the issue of disposing residuals in a more environmentally safe manner. They partnered with RENDA Environmental, Inc. (REI) - at that time OSCAR RENDA Contracting - to construct, install, and operate a dewatering facility to recycle and land apply 40% of the City's sludge. This became one of the first programs in the country in which Class A Biosolids were processed and reused as natural fertilizer. The program proved to be a resounding success; it has represented a low-cost solution for the City and has produced unmistakable benefits for local farmers (In many cases of Ft. Worth Biosolids land application, higher crop yields have been realized). By virtue of the program's early success the City soon entered into a long-term contract with REI to handle 100% of the City's biosolids.

Today, REI's partnership with the City of Fort Worth has expanded its contract to include a Bioenergy division. The contract allows REI to provide the City of Fort Worth with methane gas from a nearby landfill. This supply and the supply of methane gas produced onsite at the Village Creek Wastewater Treatment plant is then converted into energy by REI's Cogeneration Engineers. This energy is enough to support the treatment plant when the plant's primary source of energy is interrupted.

REI's partnership with the City of Fort Worth has proven to be mutually beneficial. The City of Fort Worth, backed by the quality of programs and services that REI provides, is the first Class A Biosolids Program in Texas to achieve Environmental Management System Certification by the National Biosolids Partnership. If you would like to learn more about REI, our partnership with the City of Fort Worth, or other information, please contact us.

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